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Don't Forget Your Shades this Winter

Dec 17, 2018

Most of us associate sunglasses with warm weather, hanging out at the beach, and other summertime activities. Today’s Vision doesn’t want you to make the mistake of forgetting to wear your favorite shades during the colder winter months. Here are some reasons why it is important to always remember to wear your sunglasses - any time of the year. Sunglasses aren't just fashionable. A quality pair of sunglasses is important to your visual health, as they help to block harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes. Sunglasses can help prevent dry eye symptoms. If you've ever experienced dry eye syndrome, you know how uncomfortable constantly dry eyes can be. While some people suffer from chronic dry eye, others suffer with the season - and winter is typically the worst time of the year for red, irritated and dry eyes. Wearing sunglasses is an especially good move for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time outside during the winter months. Wearing sunglasses will not only help to prevent the symptoms of dry eye, but also help prevent damaging UV light from entering the eyes. If you experience chronic dry eye you might want to consider purchasing wrap-around style sunglasses to block wind and dust from reaching the eyes as well. UV rays are just as harmful during the winter. Damage from the sun can occur just as easily in the winter as it can during the summer months. Many snowboarders and skiers experience "goggle tan" that comes from UV light giving them a tan, or possibly even a sunburn, on the exposed area of skin surrounding their ski goggles. That same light can cause damage to the eyes, which can also lead to macular degeneration, cataracts and the progression of age-related eye disease. Sunlight reflected off snow can actually cause greater glare. While summer sun light is a little brighter than the winter sun on a clear day, light reflecting off snow can make glare levels extremely high and hazardous, especially when operating a motor vehicle. It's important to remember your sunglasses during the cold, winter months to help alleviate the increased level of glare. In short, sunglasses are practical any time of the year. When purchasing new shades, make sure to look for polarized lenses as well as ultraviolet ray protection as this will guarantee full protection from damaging UV light.



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