Online shopping has been great for consumers, making it more convenient to shop for items like home essentials and helping them keep up with fashion trends. Buying items online can save both money and time. But there are still some things that are best done in person and shopping for eye glasses is one of them. While online eyewear sites and brands have become more popular recently, they still can’t match the quality and customer service of the in-person experience at Today’s Vision Fairmont Parkway.

Let’s discuss the ways that buying glasses at Today’s Vision vs. Buying Online differs and it is clear to see that the benefits of buying your glasses in person outweighs the purported benefits of buying online.

Quality- With years of experience serving our clients, Today’s Vision has perfected the eyewear process from start to finish. Our in-store professionals are there to ensure that you are getting the highest quality frames and lenses within your budget. Unlike online, there is no guesswork about whether or not you are unwittingly getting a knockoff of a designer brand but still paying designer prices.

Fit- Glasses can complement your features and speak to your personal sense of style. The experience of trying on frames in person cannot be matched by current online methods. When you go to Today’s Vision, you have our helpful eyeglass experts there to ensure the proper fit and who can make important adjustments on the spot.

We can’t emphasize enough that accurate measurement of the seg height and pupil positioning are critical to properly seeing (distance, intermediate & near.) Our opticians also factor in panascopic tilt, which is how you wear your glasses on your face. These “fit factors” make a big difference! If you take your chances and buy glasses online there are no guarantees of proper fit, and lots of room for error.

Price- Online brands may claim to save you money on your glasses purchase, but all too often the savings you experience are negligible. When you take into account the time, quality and fit of your glasses, an online buying experience can’t compete with an in-person visit.

Also, many online glasses companies are careful not to mention that the styles they are selling are discontinued. If you are looking for replacement parts or want your pair to be under warranty, you are most likely out of luck.

So the next time you want to update your look with a new pair of eyeglass frames, or when it’s time to update your prescription…remember a little bit of time at a Today’s Vision can save you time and money. The selection and the helpful associates at our stores make a difference, and you’ll agree that Today’s Vision Fairmont Parkway is The One To See.