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Please! Celebrate Safely this Holiday Season

In a previous blog, Today's Vision talked about selecting safe toys as Holiday gifts. As the Holidays draw near, let's review how to celebrate safely. Here are five tips to keep it happy and healthy. 1. Keep decorations safe by being careful when decorating trees, hanging glass ornaments higher up where children cannot reach them, using only safe electrical lights that do not have damaged wiring and candle/fire safety. Avoid fire hazards (open flames, heaters). 2. Remember the rules about fireworks safety: Never let children handle fireworks, and discourage adults from handling them. Leave the fireworks displays to the experts! 3. Open champagne bottle pointed away from the face, eyes and other people, covering the cork with a towel and turning it slowly with a slight upward motion. Also make sure your champagne is chilled to at least 45°F for safety reasons. 4. Remember food allergies and other allergies when gifting items and serving food at parties. 5. Remember to drive safely, have a designated driver if you are drinking, wear your seat belt and restrain children in age and weight appropriate car seats or booster seats. Should you or your loved one sustain an eye injury, please seek immediate attention from your Today's Vision doctor, or an available medical provider. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!