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Eyewear Care

Today’s Vision likes to compare new eyewear to a brand new baby just brought into the world. After we’ve taken accurate measurements and helped you choose the correct frames and lenses based on your needs, we want you to know how to care properly for your “newborn baby” eyewear. Always treat your eyewear with the same care you would give a precious infant. Step One Get your glasses wet every time you clean them. This allows you to rinse any surface debris off the lenses, giving you a clean surface to wipe dry. Why is that important? Because any debris on the lenses will abrade them just as sandpaper would when rubbed with any pressure. So you never wipe your lenses without rinsing them off first. Either use an eyeglass lens cleaner spray or tap water - NEVER use any chemically based cleaners such as household cleaners or window cleaner. Step Two Wipe your lenses dry with a lens cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth’s entire reason for existing is to care for your lenses. Your t-shirt has many, many uses - none of which are for cleaning your lenses. Treat your lens cleaning cloth as though it is gold. Wash it by hand with hot water and a bit of shampoo. Shampoo doesn’t leave the residue that many commercial laundry detergents do. Life Happens Remember that your glasses will need adjustments from time to time. This is just real life. You get bumped, you drop your glasses, life happens. However, don’t worry, we are here, and we are happy to take care of those things for you. Also, changes in temperature will affect how your glasses fit. Extreme heat will cause them to stretch and loosen a bit, and not to mention that shifts from cold to hot can cause the screws to loosen in them also. We invite you to come to visit us every time the seasons change to keep your eyewear in perfect working order. Of course, if you need to see us more frequently for other life-induced reasons, we’re happy to help then also.