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Baybrook Residents: Why Get An Eye Exam? Find Out Here

Even if you see perfectly well, there are plenty of good reasons to have your eye exam done (at least) once every two years. Think about it, you take your car in for regular maintenance, you try to go to the gym as often as you can, and you probably get checked out by a doctor at least once a year. We know, looking good at the Creek Shores, Walnut Place or Webster neighborhood pool is a nice goal to have. But it’s nothing if you can’t even see how good you look!

Your eyes are important to your quality of life and they should get the same level of care you put into everything else on your to-do list. Your vision is too precious a thing to take for granted. You should schedule your eye exam at Today's Vision Baybrook because:

1) Your eyes are a window to your health – your eye doctor can not only detect problems with your eyes but they could even see underlying health concerns like diabetes or high blood pressure.

2) Early detection of eye conditions or diseases is good for both your wallet and your eye sight.

3) It’s ok to admit it, sometimes your eye sight is blurry…or maybe the small print seems even smaller these days…you don’t need a go-go-gadget arm to read with, you need to have an eye exam!

4) Help your child do well in school – if they can’t see their assignments or the blackboard clearly they are likely to fall behind or stop paying close attention.

5) You get headaches more often than you’d like – headaches can be caused by problems with your vision, let an eye doctor check you out and help if they can.

6) If you enjoy any of the following: reading, driving, recognizing faces, watching television, reading on your tablet or computer, posting flattering selfies…enough said?

We think we’ve give you plenty of good reasons to have an eye exam at any of our Today’s Vision locations. Our talented eye doctors and their teams are here to help you and your family with the quality eye care you deserve. Make an appointment with Today’s Vision Baybrook and find out why we’re “The One To See.”