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Get Relief For Your Eye Allergies at Today's Vision Tomball

Tomball area residents, are you having eye allergy problems this winter? You're not alone, eye allergies are as common as seasonal allergies and in many ways eye allergies are more irritating than a simple stuffy nose. Many people deal with their seasonal allergies but don't take the time to care for their eye allergies, and that's a shame because an irritating and unpleasant eye allergy can affect your daily life.

The symptoms of eye allergies include itchy eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes, swollen or puffy eyes, burning, blurred vision, lens discomfort and photophobia and more. However these problems manifest themselves, we understand that it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

But it doesn't have to be, if you are experiencing eye allergy symptoms it's time to see an optometrist at Today's Vision Tomball. Our experienced eye doctors are the One to SeeTM, we will properly diagnose the specific type of eye allergy bothering you and prescribe a solution for your relief. We encourage you to make time for yourself during this busy holiday season and take care of your eye allergy problem so you can enjoy it clear-eyed and tear free!

The causes of eye allergies range from seasonal changes, allergens in the air like pollen, mold and dust, pet dander, and sometimes even your own contacts are the cause of irritation. Common treatments for eye allergies include over-the-counter tear substitutes, decongestant or antihistamine eye drops, prescription eye drops, NSAIDs, corticosteroid drops, oral antihistamines and allergy shots. Your eye doctor will determine the most effective treatment for your symptoms. See a Today's Vision Tomball optometrist today to treat your red, itchy, watery eyes; your eyes will thank you for it!