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Dr. James Kong, Doctor of Optometry
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Dr. James Kong graduated from the University of Houston College of Optometry in1990. As a therapeutic optometrist, Dr. Kong can prescribe the necessary medications for red eye, dry eyes, conjunctivitis and ocular allergies. He can treat eye injuries such as splinters, metal, abrasions or chemical burns.

Other areas of expertise include the treatment of Keratoconus with specialty contact lenses. Dr. Kong is trained and certified to fit the Synergeyes Keratoconus Contact Lenses. He also fits and evaluates the Blanchard Rose 2K IC Contact Lenses for Keratoconus and Irregular Corneas.

Dr. Kong fits bifocal and multifocal contact lenses to presbyopic patients who wish to remain in contact lenses. One of the newest contact lenses now available is a Soft Toric Bifocal Contact Lens for patients who also have astigmatism. Patients who do not tolerate soft contact lenses can be fit with Rigid Gas Permeable Bifocals.

Dr. Kong is a graduate of Fort Bend Leadership 1999 through the Rosenberg Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce, currently called the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance. He has served on Board of Directors for the TW Davis YMCA, the Literacy Council of Fort Bend County as Secretary and Treasurer and First Book Houston as Treasurer. He has volunteered as a tutor for Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language at the George Memorial Library. Dr. Kong is one of several chefs who participate in the Lamar Educational Awards Fund, Men Who Cook fund-raiser. His best dish is Kung Pao Chicken.

Dr. Kong is currently serving on the Today's Vision Coop Advertising Board. He is also serving a three-year term as a School Board Director at St. Francis De Sales School. He is a member of other organizations such as the Chinese Professional Club of Houston, and the Harris County Optometric Society.

Dr. Kong is a dedicated father of five children. In his spare time, Dr. Kong enjoys cooking, computing and investing. He plays golf, racquetball, softball and basketball.

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