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Dr. Marilyn Chow, Doctor of Optometry
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Dr. Marilyn Chow, O.D. was born in Houston, Texas. In 1989 she graduated form the University of Houston with a Bachelor's Of Science in Biology. Then in 1993 she graduated form the University of California at Berkeley School of Optometry with her Doctorate of Optometry. Dr. Chow O.D. is board certified by the California State Board of Optometry and Texas State Board of Optometry. Dr. Chow, O.D. has been with Today's Vision Downtown since 2000.

Dr. Marilyn Chow can prescribe the necessary medications for conjunctivitis (pink/red eyes) and ocular allergies.

Other areas of expertise include specialty contact lenses. Dr. Chow is trained and certified to fit the Synergeyes Keratoconus Contact Lenses. She also fits and evaluates the Blanchard Rose 2K IC Contact Lenses for Keratoconus and Irregular Corneas.

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Therapeutic Optometrist


LASIK, Specialty Contact Lens Fittings, Dry Eye Syndrome, Fashionable Glasses, Eye Disease Treatments