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Dr. Nicole Robbins, Doctor of Optometry
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Dr. Robbins was educated in Houston, TX. — graduating from J. Frank Dobie High School, Houston Baptist University and the University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO). During optometry school, Dr. Robbins discovered her passion was pediatrics and binocular vision. She took an advanced course in binocular vision training at UHCO and then interned at Hopping Eye Associates, where she worked in their binocular vision office and helped train children with various binocular vision disorders like convergence insufficiency and accomodative insufficiency, as well as kids with amblyopia and stabismus. She is a proud InfantSee provider and intends to offer vision therapy in her office in the near future.

She provides eye care for newborn babies to seniors. In addition to her love of children, she is equally trained in treating adults. Dr. Robbins’ other internship was at Space Center Eye Associates, where her focus was ocular pathology. She is well trained in ocular diagnostics/ red eye care including pre and post op care of cataracts.

Before opening her own office, Dr. Robbins was a contract doctor providing routine eye exams in a commercial setting. Dr. Robbins believes thorough eye exams (not just what the state board requires) is essential so that she can provide a complete assessment of the patient's ocular status by the end of the exam. Having to perform eye exams in 7-10 minutes, which is what most Walmart/ America's Best practices require, is not her style and is the driving force behind her opening her own office. Quality, comprehensive, compassionate eyecare (that is still efficient) with patient education are her goals.

Personally, Dr. Robbins is married to her college sweetheart and is the mother to two young children, Sean and Savannah. She has been a League City resident since 2006 and enjoys going out to community events and being involved when able. Her children are her hobbies! She spends most of her free time doing everything and all for them, including being involved in the PTA at school, and being a gymnastics/dance mom. She is also a member of the American Optometric Association and Texas Optometric Association. When she gets down time, she loves to travel with her husband as well as do family vacations.

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Therapeutic Optometrist, Optometric Glaucoma Specialist


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