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Today’s Vision is optometry’s best-kept secret. We are the only group that shares vendor co-op dollars directly with its licensees.

Today’s Vision is optometry’s best-kept secret. We are the only group nationally that shares its collective vendor co-op dollars equally among all offices regardless of size or years in practice. Because we are doctor-owned, any profits are distributed to the entire group vs. one or two individuals. Each licensee has autonomy to operate his or her practice, including purchasing. However, our licensees know they will be the beneficiaries of increased benefits that occur from supporting our preferred vendors.

Licensees receive a protected service area and pay $500-a-month dues. In addition to product discounts, present benefits include: Solution Reach, Vue Care, Frames Data, managed care credentialing, Intranet SEO support, OD license renewal, continuing education, annual meeting airfare and hotel and more (including cash rebates and rewards points from our primary lab partner Zeiss). The value of these benefits is more than double the yearly due payments. Open our benefits and view our corporate video to learn more.

New licensees are start-up practices which receive additional, hands-on support.

Today’s Vision has consistently ranked in Vision Monday’s Top 50 U.S. Optical Retailers.

We also provide additional support to doctors opening their own practices, including a 10-page checklist, pro formas, price lists, financing vendors and a broker to negotiate your lease if you desire.

Vision Monday ranked Today’s Vision the 27th largest Key Optical Player for 2011 U.S. sales. Our licensees meet quarterly to share ideas. Additionally, our licensees are a willing resource for any question you may have re your operation.

For more information, email Greg Watson, Executive Director, or call 713-461-0606.